JST250 telescope passes the first exam

2012-12-21 15:45
JST250 telescope during factory acceptance tests (Liege, Belgium)

JST250 telescope during factory acceptance tests (Liege, Belgium)

The JST250 (Javalambre Survey Telescope) has passed the first test of general operation that was conducted this week at the headquarters of the Belgian company AMOS, responsible for the construction of the telescope. This is the first phase for the preliminary acceptance of the telescope.

The tests were supervised by the director of CEFCA, Dr. Mariano Moles, who is responsible for the Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre, the head of the engineering team as well as control and mechanical CEFCA engineers. Additionally, the head of the mechanical engineering department from the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, D. Vicente Sánchez, was also involved as an external expert.

The JST250 telescope is now fully integrated pending the optical components. This first stage of the acceptance process consisted on the revision of the status of the telescope: the mechanical elements, the stability, the thermal behaviour, the control of the axis and the control system.

At the beginning of 2013, the remaining tests will continue and the verification camera of the telescope will be integrated. This camera will be used to conduct the last tests in Belgium.

Once the verification process is finished, the JST250 telescope will be dismantled and packed to be transported to the Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre.