J-PLUS filters accepted at CEFCA

2014-12-11 13:15
Filter number 9 (H-alpha)

Filter number 9 (H-alpha)

J-PLUS filters have been received and accepted at CEFCA headquarters (Teruel).

The filters have been manufactured by SCHOTT (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland). These have been specifically developed for the J-PLUS survey and have required more than two years of research and development effort both from SCHOTT and CEFCA.

J-PLUS survey consists of an 8500 square degree photometric sky survey with a set of 12 optical filters which, among many scientific objectives, will allow to perform an accurate photometric pre-calibration of J-PAS. J-PLUS 12-filter system was also specifically optimized to retrieve stellar parameters through the fitting of flux calibrated models.

The successful manufacture and delivery of the filters, 12 in total, is considered as a major milestone in the J-PLUS survey as these filters have represented a great a technological challenge. Last December 11, 2014, the J-PLUS filters were received, tested and accepted by the CEFCA team and are now ready for integration at its host instrument, the T80Cam.