The dome of the JAST80 telescope arrives at the OAJ

2011-10-31 17:33
JAST80 dome mounting

JAST80 dome mounting

On September 16th 2011, the dome of the JAST80 telescope arrived at the Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre (CEFCA's observatory). The dome, the final design of which was approved last January, has been manufactured by Ash-Dome (Illinois, USA) in galvanized steel and holds winds up to 250 Km/h.

With a spherical shape, the structure has a diameter of 6.25 m and an approximate weight of 2.5 tons. The shutter is 1.8 m width, and includes a lower flap for wind and scattered light protection. The dome turns on metal wheels placed on a rail which is fixed to a wood base on top of the concrete part of the building. The azimuth motor makes it possible to turn it 360º in any direction, without limits.

The JAST80 dome was shipped from the USA to the port of Valencia and transported up to the OAJ in a truck mounted container. Three technicians from Ash-Dome came to the OAJ for the final assembling, which took about five days. The dome is now operative at the OAJ in manual mode, awaiting the ultimate works on the JAST80 building before the installation of the ASCOM dome control system.